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A world of windows & doors.

Windows and doors serve numerous purposes in your home. They are part of the exterior façade, and something everyone sees (and hopefully admires) as they approach. They are the guards against the cold and the severity of the weather during the changing seasons. They keep things warm, drive the rain out, and let fresh air in when needed.

Why would you install anything less than the best to make your home as beautiful and functional as it can be? With Renovation World, you don’t have to!

We are proud to be an authorized, official dealer and installer of All Weather Windows. This company has been a well-known and well-respected name in the True North for more than 37 years, and now Renovation World brings you their best windows and doors for less.

In addition to exterior changes, we also offer interior finishing trim work around both windows and doors. 


Energy efficient, beautiful to look at, hand-built here in Canada – it’s no wonder homeowners in- the-know trust All Weather Windows for all their home improvement needs. Renovation World offers and installs their entire catalog from the Apex 9100 all the way through the Magnum 7000. We guarantee these windows will offer you the durable, leak-proof, eco-friendly insulation you need, and we stand behind all our products and installation work, 100%.


All Weather Doors give you the customization capabilities you’ve always wanted for your portals. Various wood types and textures, paneling, steel doors, sliders – you can choose the entry ways you want to match the décor, style, and features of your home, and create a functional look that’s all your own.

Our inventory of All Weather Doors includes:

• Belleville® Entry Doors
• Barrington® Entry Doors
• Belleville® Garden Doors
• Craftsman Smooth Skin Entry Doors
• Everest Patio Doors
• Rustic Entry Doors
• Steel Entry Doors
• And many, many more...

For more information concerning our windows and doors, or to schedule your personalized, FREE estimate with us, please call Renovation World at 306-596-7875.