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Siding, Cladding, and Stonework.

The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior. When the outside of your home is uniform, when the stonework is right, people take notice. You may even get a compliment or two on the look, form, and function of your setup, and that’s always a welcome thing.

But to get to your home’s exterior to the level you want, you need the accomplished design and installation techniques from certified experts using the right tools. You need Renovation World, Kaycan and Timberstone! Together, we can supply and install the siding, cladding, and customized stonework you need to make your exterior look exactly like you want it to.

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Siding protects your home better than simple wood. It is more energy-efficient, more cost effective, and gives you the power to customize as you see fit. Kaycan provides us, and you, with a broad range of siding options for all types of exterior enhancements, including: vinyl siding and engineered wood siding! Plus, our trained and certified technicians can work quickly and efficiently with them to keep costs down.


Cladding can come in many forms – metal working, fiber optics, copper cladding for construction. But, for your home, it is going to constitute a protective covering that not only protects from weather and water, but also helps to insulate your home better than just wood alone. Renovation World offers various forms of domestic cladding that can be customized to your specifications, custom fabricated on site, and we here at Renovation World supply the expert installations.


Need stonework and masonry that stands the test of time? Talk to Renovation World! We can offer you what no other company in Saskatchewan can: a wide variety of domestic and imported stone that can be fitted to your specifications so it reflects your needs, style, and taste.

For more information concerning our siding, cladding, or stonework, or to schedule your personalized, FREE estimate with us, please call Renovation World at 306-596-7875.