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Eavestroughs, Soffits & Fascia.

Your roof is the most essential element for your home. Too many leaks, and you can get water damage and mold. No way to drain the water off, you can get ice buildup, water in the basement, or worse. It’s just not worth the time, money, and energy to say “no” to the best products when they are so close at hand!

Renovation World in Saskatchewan offers the very best setups – eavestroughs, soffits, and fascia – from industry leader Kaycan! Review our offers below:


With the right drainage system, you can keep your home free from moisture, and damaging ice. Industry leader Kaycan has the type of roof water drainage systems you need, and Renovation World can install them! From hangers and mitres to downspouts and elbows, if you cannot find what you need from us, chances are, you won’t find it anywhere! Best of all, each eavestrough we sell comes in approximately a dozen different colors, so you get the customization you need to match your singular style, and they are custom fabricated on site.


Aluminum soffits – however you choose to insulate and protect your roof and rafter beams, Renovation World can supply everything! We get our full range of soffits from Kaycan, and can customize them to your liking. The soffits we offer come in approximately 10 different styles, and approximately 34 different colors as well!

Eavestroughs, soffit & fascia at Renovation World



Though prominently featured on the roof of your home as an accent piece, a fascia plays an important function as well! It serves as a layer between the edge of the roof and the elements, and protects the wooden boards against water damage. For all our fascia choices and installations, our company chooses Kaycan for their durability and various color and style options.

For more information concerning our eave troughs, soffit or fascia, or to schedule your personalized, FREE estimate with us, please call Renovation World at 306-596-7875.